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The Autonomous Transport and the Mobile Robotics in production:   Intralogistic system UNITR

AGV Transportation System UNITR


Lots smaller and smaller, growing variety in production, growing labor costs and regulations, demand for ever higher quality standards, in a framework of generalized lowering of prices. This demands for more flexible and efficient solutions in order to deal with the challenges of the market.

Companies large and small are trying to respond to these needs using different approaches. An approach that is gaining ground is that of Lean Production, logistics algorithms such as Kanban initially implemented by major automotive manufacturers to ensure production efficiency, but which now are spreading in small and medium-sized enterprises to keep pace with the market. According to these principles, the flow of material must be flexible and precisely programmed.

To meet the needs of our customers, we have entered into a partnership with MT-Robot AG, which has combined tested components in the industrial world to the most advanced research and development, leading to a new generation of driverless transport systems: the UNITR.

This system easily adapts to both large and small companies in various sectors, as well as in the healthcare field. The UNITR has a modular architecture that allows to adapt to the unique needs of each custumer and each installation through a wide range of standard modules and the possibility for competitive module engineering.