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Industrial Robots

Next generation Industrial Robots! 

Imagine the possibility of having a flexible production process where the robotic automation is used to obtain the maximum flexibility and quality of the product.

This is possible using the most advanced technology in automation which is today available also for medium and small companies thanks to revolutionary products making available high performances, high flexibility and fast return of investment.

Robotic Arms  4 - 6 axis able to work in safety at you side!


We are talking about industrial robots with 6 axis specifically designed for medium and small companies which need an effective, efficient and flexible automation with a fast return of investment.

In the constant pursuit of innovative and competitive solutions SysDesign decided to offer handling systems based on advanced products which represent the best that the market can offer in therms of flexibility, efficiency and competitiveness of the resulting solution.

These robots which are simple to install, integrate and program; allow a fast and cheap automation of all these tiresome and repetitive activities in the production cycle increasing the productivity and reducing the costs and risks.  

I costi di esercizio sono minimi vista la mancanza di manutenzione ed un consumo di energia ridotto.

The operating costs  of these solutions are minimal due to the very low maintenance and energy required.


Applicazioni Robot

Applicazioni Visione


ADVANTAGEUS at a glance:

  • Reduction of the material handling costs freeing work force
  • Convenient also with low volume production 
  • Low energy consumption: from thousand to few hundred Watts according to model
  • Minimum installation time of the solution
  • Optimal adaptability to the changing needs of the company 
  • Small size and so high mobility in confined spaces
  • Maximum safety of the solutions
  • Ruggedness and reliability thanks to quality and standardized components


SysDesign is able to provide qualified consulting on the system to identify the best solution for the specific application which is then supplied turnkey with very contained costs and certain installation time. 

Sono inoltre offerti servizi di training per il personale sulla programmazione futura del robot e consulenza sull’ottimizzazione di processo garantendo la massima efficacia dell’investimento ed un servizio a 360°.

We offer also training services for customer staff on the use and future programming of the robots and consulting on processes optimisation providing a 360 ° service for maximum investment efficiency.


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