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System design

The consulting phase concludes with the preliminary design, the application must now be designed in every detail ensuring its usability, effectiveness, efficiency and reliability. To ensure the highest levels of performance of the application, at this stage we involve and work closely together with our suppliers of know-how and equipment to provide the best solution to the need emerged during the consulting.

SysDesign provides expertise and flexibility using standard components to maximize profitability, or designing the application from the ground up to maximize the pure performance depending on your needs.

Assembly and Processing Stations

To meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic market it is necessary that the flexibility of the production system is designed with it giving the chance to accommodate the necessary changes during the life of the product and easily adapt to future needs.

This translates into a modular production that is emerging as the main way for the future. A modular approach provides more standardization of stations and a more flexible production layout . Through our application know-how and that of our partners in the industry field we are able to provide a 360 ° automation service from individual stations, standard or customised, for processing or assembly to the most innovative and flexible handling systems like the next generation Automated Guided Vehicles.

A special mention is deserved by the new identify and control technologies which can significantly increase the quality of production. These technologies are represented by computer vision systems which have become extremely performing and cheaper than just a few years ago.

Industrial Layout and Handling

In the achievement of performance flexibility and quality, the facility and production layout come to have an important role and must consider all the peculiarities of the production process that will implement as well as security issues. The integrated design of all these aspects leads to excellent results in terms of productivity, flexibility and quality that enable you to achieve competitiveness for the final product and therefore customer satisfaction.

A key aspect in the design of the production layout is the methodology chosen for the handling of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. SysDesign supports the use of standard solutions as well as incredibly innovative ones to improve the performance and capability: autonomous transport systems that bring efficiency, flexibility and reliability to another level.

Industrial Safety

The automation of industrial processes has the dual purpose of enhancing the performance and efficiency of the production process and at the same time to ensure better worker safety and sustainability in the workplace. With this idea, a reality that works in the field of automation cannot do without dealing with the issues related to ensuring the safety of workers called to interact with automated machinery.

For this we offer services for the integration of safety in our systems and also in the restructuring or revamping of existing plants with the best and most suitable technologies for safety: barriers and physical optics, advanced sensors and locking systems reliable and intelligent.

Home automation Systems

In the tertiary and civil sector SysDesign services are mainly concentrated in automating all those aspects that would otherwise require a repetitive and inefficient human intervention. This is achieved by building automation technology which has become affordable for any application, from large hotel or hospital to the smallest private apartment.

Through the expertise of our staff and highly advanced products we deliver to our customers a custom designed building automation system capable of preventing the needs of its user ensuring every type of functionality: if you can imagine it, you can have it!