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Feasibility studies, research and solutions for support your ideas!

Industrial Automation        

Civil Automation                   

Product Engineering

3D Prototyping and Production

We provide technical support, consulting, feasibility studies and costs computation in the following areas:


Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the challenge that all businesses, regardless the size, are required to face in one way or in the another to stay on the market. We provide professional advice on this issue supporting the customer in the assessment of its current situation and possibilities for improvement through the adoption of automation systems.

Our application know-how together with that of our technology partners is at your service to support you in the best use of automation technology to meet the application challenges in every sector.
The automation systems are engineering solutions to increase your production performances, reduce waste, increase efficiency and protect the environment:


More in detail some of the services we offer are:

  • Industrial layout 
  • Handling solutions through traditional and autonomous robots 
  • Assembly systems: manual, semiautomatic and automatic 
  • Quality control, discrimination and positioning by artificial vision 
  • Industrial Safety in machines and environments 
  • PLC, industrial PC and CNC Programming

This type of consulting is aimed mainly at manufacturing companies of all sizes who want to improve their competitiveness and provide their customers with quality products at a more competitive price.


Civil Automation

The automation that enables the industry to achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency is also available for the civil sector and the tertiary sector.

This area, once relegated to highly specialized and costly situations, today is also booming in more traditional structures and residential environments, business and service sectors. Through our expertise in these systems, we are able to offer specific consulting and support customers in the selection of the system and the features that best suit their needs by opening a world of possibilities that until recently seemed unattainable but now are available at a reasonable cost.

This type of consulting is is primarily intended for Technical, Architectural and Construction studies enabling them to offer their clients a cutting-edge system capable of superior energy savings, living comfort and security.


Product Engineering

After the project , or after the physical realisation of one or more prototypes of the artefact , simple or complex , this is not ready for production , but requires an engineering phase . This phase aims to bring small corrections to the initial design, with the intent to improve its characteristics and make it producible , as well as define the production process more efficient and sustainable for its production .

SysDesign offers consulting in this sensitive stage in the life of a product because , together with the basic idea and marketing, is the most impactful on the business performance of the product itself and therefore needs all the professionalism possible. Through the know-how available to us , our consulting will direct towards the solution of production more efficient and competitive considering all the factors involved as existing assets , investment potential and production figures.

This type of consulting is aimed primarily at manufacturing businesses with the aim of identifying the best production solution starting from the particular conditions and production numbers required .


3D Prototyping and Production 

The challenges that arise in the market nowadays call to a greater quality and flexibility that all companies must deal with in a different way . The Additive Manufacturing technology is now an established technology that is increasingly being recognized as an essential medium in the design and production of complex parts . The idea that underlies this revolutionary production method is the creation of an object through three-dimensional printing of 2D successive layers of material.

Like all advanced and revolutionary technologies, it can bring to those who invest in them a huge competitive advantage, as well as less positive results. To ensure the return of investment and performance in line with expectations SysDesign provides expert consulting on these technologies and guide the customer towards the product or service more relevant to their needs and budget.

This type of consulting is aimed at all those people who for their work must develop a physical object , such as schools , design studios , designers, technical consultancy company .... as well as manufacturing companies with complex productions that could reap huge benefits from 3D production.

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